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Add an Undo-button at every stage, not only in the Edit picture toolbox. The Help section could be extended a lot, as it is now not very helpful. And the drawing facilities also are a little disappointing, one cannot select them or remove them, excep

As I tried to figure out how the prog works, I encountered lots of problems. I was ecstatic at the beginning for this offer, but now ... I couldn't undo a lot of things I disliked or didn't right, as no button for undo or back was available. Then, when I tried to draw a simple circle, I drew it in a wrong position and I couldn't take it away from there by any means. I even tried the rubber, but it did nothing at all. And the circle covered my background, I couldn't make it transparent, and so on.

Rosana , 10.07.2010, 17:37
Idea status: under consideration


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